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Fiddlestix has been playing for weddings and other gatherings since 1990.  Our repertoire includes baroque and light classical selections as well as "popular" tunes from the 20th century.  We are always happy to meet with the individuals concerned so that they can audition us and, if interested, discuss selections that they would like us to play at their event.

If people have a request for us to play a specific piece which we don't have or would like us to accompany a soloist, we can arrange the piece for string quartet if we are furnished with a copy of the music.  (This takes one to two months' advance notice.)  Upon request, we can furnish a list of pieces that we normally play for weddings as well as a complete Table of Contents from our book of performance pieces.

Typical rates at past events have been:

1. Wedding music plus 30 minutes of music before the wedding. $400.00

2. Wedding music as above (see 1.) and 1 hour of music for the cocktail hour, to fill in the time between the wedding & reception. $500.00

3. Each additional hour. $200.00

4. Rates for playing at the reception only are comparable to the above and can be discussed.

5. We also play for any occasion for which you feel a classical quartet will add ambiance.

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